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Leadership Development

Sara's clients tend to be leaders in transition. Some are in the process of being promoted to a new position; some are integrating a new race, equity, diversity, and inclusion lens into their work; some are struggling to manage a team in the throes of financial strain; and some are changing tracks completely, leaving agencies they have found in order to start a new chapter in their lives. In each of these instances, Sara creates a highly personalized and disciplined action plan that weighs options, risks, and opportunity against ability and ambition.

Sara has experience working with teams to build a more unified and productive collective. Not surprisingly, a number of these engagements arise through a need for conflict resolution among group members. Sara has successfully helped her clients become re-committed to principles of shared accountability, cultural competency, and creating an environment that allows each person to play to his or her strengths within the context of the team.

Please visit Sara's Testimonials page to see what Sara's clients have to say about her style of leadership development.




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