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Giovanna Negretti
Co-Founder and former Executive Director - Oíste
Prime Mover Fellow
Continued ...

    "Thanks to this approach, after every session I feel that I am making progress and getting things done.

    "Second, Dr. Orozco truly understands the importance of cultural competency. As a Latina woman, I needed a safe place to be 'me', especially through a highly intense period in my career. At times, my passion may come across as anger and I did not want to have to justify or explain my behavior to my coach. Dr. Orozco sees through all of this for what it is and her approach is sensitive to the needs of women of color.  She was able to hold my full range of emotions, providing a safe environment in which I would thrive. 

    "Throughout the time I have been with Dr. Orozco, I have had a sense of transformation and continuous discovery. Each of her sessions have been unique because Dr. Orozco is never a passive listener, she is right there with you.  After over a year of working with Dr. Orozco, I was able to leave the organization with a sense of accomplishment and assurance. I probably could have gotten through this period on my own but not as successfully as I did thanks to Dr. Orozco's help.  

    "I continue to work with Dr. Orozco even after leaving the organization for several reasons. First and most importantly, is her sincerity, which frankly is quite refreshing. During difficult conversation, she does not shy away from saying the things that need to be said or from asking the hard questions. Dr. Orozco is empathetic through tough times yet keeps you focused on the work.

    Dr. Orozco has been key to helping me be comfortable with the unknown.  For any woman who is undergoing tough, difficult professional career changes, Dr. Orozco is definitely the woman to see."


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