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Maria Jobin-Leeds
Co-Founder and Managing Partner - Partnership for Democracy and Education, LLC
On Sara's coaching role with the Women Candidates Pipeline:

    "Our group of amazing women got stuck on some rocky power, race, and class issues.  Sara guided us carefully, helping us express what we needed to express in constructive ways, and decide we could work around the issues in caring, careful and successful ways.  We couldn't figure out how she did it, she knew when to step in, and when to step back.  Now we are working strong as a team and meeting our goals."

Giovanna Negretti
Co-Founder and former Executive Director - Oíste
Prime Mover Fellow

    "I came to Dr. Orozco because I was trying to figure out whether to leave the organization I had co-founded and led for 10 years.  What impressed me initially about Dr. Orozco were two things: First, Dr. Orozco really takes the time to understand the style of coaching that fits your personality and needs. For example, I am a person who needs structure and a sense of progress.  Dr. Orozco designs my sessions so that they include exercises, reflections, goals, and objectives for future work.

Nicholas A. Johnson, P.E., CEM, LEED AP, CGBE
Associate & Senior Mechanical Engineer - Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, LLC

    "Working with Dr. Orozco was extremely progressive! It was clearly obvious that she brought to our meetings her many years of active listening skills as a psychologist. In my opinion, she was able to optimize the combination of her natural insights with great questions and a terrific sense of humor. I'm a Senior Engineer with approximately 25 years in the corporate world. With that said, I truly appreciated her consulting style, and her ability to administer assessments. In addition, she was able to discuss the results in a direct and effective style. If you are serious about moving forward with your business and furthering your business relationships, I strongly recommend you hire Dr. Orozco."

Diane M. Pickles
Vice President - M+R Strategic Services, New England Office

    "Feedback from the 360 Assessment that was provided by Dr. Orozco was incredibly helpful to me in plotting a course for continued professional development. Essential to this process was the objective findings of the assessment as well as the personalized analysis that Dr. Orozco provided. I believe that a 360 assessment is only as effective as the facilitator as it isn't just the "facts" that are useful but the skilled interpretation of those findings. I highly recommend Dr. Orozco for her insight, her style, her professionalism, and her expertise."

Richard Rotondo
Director - Health Promotion Affiliates

    "Dr. Sara Orozco was one of our most valuable consultants that we utilized to offer stress related seminars to our corporate clients. She was always our first choice to present because she was so knowledgeable, engaging with the audience, and practical in the stress reduction advice she gave. Companies would often ask if she could come back to present on other stress topics."


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